Mission College SmartPass

Request SmartPass Card & ID card

Ride for Free

Did you know Mission College students are eligible to obtain a VTA SmartPass card One small fee at the beginning of the term allows you to ride VTA for FREE for the rest of the semester!

In addition, the Office of Student Activities has recently implemented a new system that allows eligible Mission College students to request their ID Card and/or VTA SmartPass Card online and pick them up in-person! If you would like to request your card be mailed to you, please email mc.basicneeds@missioncollege.edu after successfully completing the online process.

Please make sure to follow all directions carefully to expedite receipt of your ID/SmartPass cards and allow 7-10 business days for processing. 

Students can also obtain their ID/SmartPass cards in person at the Campus Center Information Desk.

How to Obtain a SmartPass

  • This opportunity is not available to Community Education Program, Non-Credit program and Concurrent Enrollment High School Students.
  • Students that register for Winter session Only will NOT have the option to receive the VTA SmartPass Clipper card and will not be charged this fee.
  • If your title is Faculty, Staff or Administration at Mission College and you are currently taking a course at Mission College, you may receive the VTA SmartPass.
  • Each Semester you do not need to replace your Clipper card (Please do not throw it away). Your SmartPass Clipper card will automatically reload each semester while you are continually enrolled at Mission College.
  • Do NOT punch holes, bend, cut or mishandle your card. It may cause damage to the Clipper Card and may render the card void.
  • We highly recommend you register your Clipper card online by going to www.clippercard.com
  • All students that ONLY register for Summer semester classes will be charged the part – time student fee upon enrollment.

Using Your SmartPass
SmartPass Reactivation

If you are returning to Mission College after an absence of one or more semester(s) and you still have your physical Mission College SmartPass Clipper Card, please refer to the following process:

  1. Visit the Information Desk at Campus Center with all four (4) of the following items:
    • A photo ID (acceptable forms: High School ID, State Issued ID, Driver License, Passport, or Government-issued ID from other countries)
    • Student Schedule and Registration Fee Assessment of the current term (No electronic devices accepted)
    • Your issued Mission College SmartPass Clipper Card
  2. The staff at the Information Desk will verify your documents and fill out a SmartPass Reactivation Form. The staff will keep your Student Schedule and Registration Fee Assessment for record.

It may take up to seven (7) business days for your card to become reactivated. If your card has not been activated after seven (7) business days, please contact VTA Customer Service Call Center at (408) 321-2300

If you lost your physical Mission College SmartPass Clipper card, please refer to SmartPass Replacement Policy.

Keep Your Card

Please do not lose your Clipper card - the cost of the first replacement is $25. Please see Replacement Policy for more information.

The SmartPass will automatically renew, for as long as a student is enrolled at Mission College, taking eligible course(s), and continues to pay tuition and fees. Students keep the same card from semester to semester. If you drop or withdraw from all of your classes, the Clipper card will be updated to reflect a “non-student” status and the SmartPass will no longer be valid.

If you are returning to Mission College after an absence of one or more semester(s), your SmartPass Clipper card could be reactivated to reflect your current status (please refer to SmartPass Reactivation).

In addition to the Mission College SmartPass Program, you may still use your Clipper card with other transportation agencies if you wish. You may choose to load more funds to your current card by creating an account online at Clipper card to ride outside of Santa Clara County.

VTA Routes

There are three current bus lines stop at Mission College – VTA Routes 20, 57, 59.

We encourage you to check VTA's website or the Transit App for bus routes to plan your trip accordingly. You may also pick up bus schedules at the Campus Center Information Desk or Welcome Center.

The SmartPass provides students with unlimited rides on Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) buses and light rail services within Santa Clara County.

The SmartPass is not valid on VTA Express Bus, ACE, Amtrak, B.A.RT, Caltrain, Highway 17 Express, Dumbarton Express, Monterey-Salinas Transit, Muni, and SamsTrans.

If you choose to use your Clipper card with Express Bus or other transportation agencies outside of Santa Clara County, you may load funds to a different Clipper card. For more information about Clipper Card please visit the Clipper Card website.

If there are no routes suitable for you to commute by bus to school, you may still enjoy your SmartPass on weekends or any other convenient time.

Refund Policy

Drop/ Withdrawal Classes

Before Census Date: If you drop all of your classes before the Census Date, please visit the Admission & Records to receive your refund. Your SmartPass will be deactivated.

After Census Date: If you drop all of your classes after the census date, you will not be eligible for any refund and your SmartPass will be deactivated.

Short-Term Classes that have less than five (5) meetings, the last day to drop with a refund is the day before the first class meeting. Your SmartPass will be deactivated if you are taking less than 0.5 units.

Change of Status

Full time to Part time: If your enrollment status changes from Full-time student to Part-time student, your account will be refunded for the difference between Full-time and Part-time SmartPass fee, only if you dropped class(es) before Census Date.

Part Time to Full time: If your enrollment status changes from Part-time student to Full-time student, your account will be charged for the difference between Part-time and Full-time SmartPass fee.

Part-Time (0.5 - 11.5 units) Full time (12 units or more)

Please check the Mission College website Important Dates for specific dates.

Replacement Policy

Please check back at a later time for updates about the SmartPass replacement process and policies.

Replacement Fee

All fees are paid at Admissions & Records located in the Student Engagement Center. Only one replacement per academic year.

First Time:
Lost: $25
Stolen with Police report: $15
Defective Card: $6

Second Time:
No Replacement

Illegal Use

The Mission College SmartPass Clipper card has a serial number that is linked to your name, student ID number and your photo ID. It is nontransferable, therefore, cannot be sold, transferred, duplicated or filed as a false claim.

Transfer of the SmartPass Clipper card to another person is strictly prohibited and constitutes fare evasion, a violation of California Penal Code 640. Violation of California Penal Code 640 is punishable by a fine not to exceed $250 and/or by community service for a total time not to exceed 48 hours. (California Penal Code Section 640(c))

VTA drivers and inspectors will not accept an expired or deactivated SmartPass. Attempts to transfer, sell or misuse the Mission College SmartPass Clipper card will result in immediate deactivation of the SmartPass.

The College will report any solicitation of sale or transfer of the SmartPass to law enforcement authorities. Students in violation may be liable for the amount equal to the cost of a VTA Adult Regular Annual Pass (approximately $880) and other violations and disciplinary actions provided in the West Valley- Mission Community College District’s Standards of Conduct AP (5500) and Student Discipline Procedures (AP 5520) including possible suspension or expulsion from the College. Misuse will result in confiscation by VTA authorized personnel.