Students pose with Flamenco dancers at a college event.

Clubs and Organizations

  • Learn more about yourself.
  • Develop useful teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Boost your resume and professional network.
  • Utilize practical experience in a nurturing environment.
  • Learn about student equity and its important role on campus.
  • Experience a change of pace from your studies.
  • Gain awareness of your value in the community.
  • Explore your interests and find your passion.
  • Have fun!

The following clubs are currently active at Mission College. Please contact individual clubs for information.

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Start a New Club or Reactivate One

  1. Visit the Office of Student Activities located in the Campus Center, second floor, room 231 to pick up a copy of the Inter-Club Council Bylaws.
  2. Read the ICC Bylaws to learn the requirements and steps to starting your own club or to reactivate an old club.
  3. Visit the Office of Student Activities located in the Campus Center, second floor, room 231 if you have questions or concerns. 

Clubs at Mission College

Classification Organization Contact Info
Leadership Associated Student Government

The official voice of the Students of Mission College. The ASG Student Senate in an elected body of Mission Students. Their purpose is to represent the student’s views to the administration, plan and support campus activities.


Advisor: Yesenia Melgoza


Academic, Special Interest


The purpose of our club is to encourage the pursuit of higher education for the School of Hospitality students and to encourage involvement in community events.

Club Email:


Advisor: Haze Dennis


Mission College Health Occupations Association

MCHOA is a health occupations club that allows health occupation majors to connect with past, present, and future students. We also volunteer on and off campus.

Advisor: Lisa Shivers


Academic, Special Interest

Mission College Society of Women Engineers (MCSWE)

The club promotes a college enviroment in engineering and technology and to empower women and men to acheive careers as engineers and leaders, with networking, mentorships and scholarships opportunities.

Advisor: Dr. Bob Schaffer


Academic, Special Interest

Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists (SOLES)

SOLES provides leadership and professional development to aspiring Latinx engineers and scientists through the sharing of resources, scholarships, internship and volunteer opportunities and more while creating community for Latinx identified Mission College students.

Club Email:


Advisor: Lana Sheridan

Special Interest

The Book Club

The Book Club fosters a love for reading and creates a sense of community among members who share a common interest in literature, along with helping open up members to a variety of different types of literature, topics, and authors.

Club Email:


Club Advisor: Margaret Juncker

Club Advisor:Sarah Sullivan 

Special Interest

Crochet Corner

Crochet Corner aims to create a community of people who love crocheting at Mission and to welcome anyone, whether you know how to crochet or not, to join our community and learn more about the craft.

Club Email


Advisor: Kristen Purdum

Special Interest

Gaming Club

MC Gaming aims to create a fun and friendly gaming community on campus through not only an in-person community but an online community as well, and by hosting gaming events, both cooperative and competitive. 

Club Email:

Advisor: Thuy Trang

Advisor: Rebecca Tran

Special Interest

 MC InterConnect

MC InterConnect aims to promote diversity and inclusivity within Mission College to by fostering understanding, dialogue, and collaboration among students from various backgrounds and experiences.

Club Email:


Advisor: Goazang Park

Advisor: Jouney Chong

Special Interest


The purpose of Missionanigans is to provide students with an environment to build communication and
interpersonal skills, create networking opportunities, promote internships, provide mentorships, and to strengthen the Mission College community with social events.

Club Email:


Advisor: Steve Lipman 

Special Interest

Puente Club

The Puente Club is open to all Mission College students. Students who plan to transfer are especially encouraged to join the Puente Club. As a close-knit "familia" (family), we will help one another reach our common goal of transferring to four-year universities.

Advisor: Javier Huerta 


Special Interest

Sustainable Garden Club


Advisor: Carla Breidenbach



Muslim Student Association (MSA)

M.S.A is a club on campus for Muslims and Non-Muslims to gather and learn about Islam in a safe environment.

Club Email:


Advisor: Kathryn Wood 


Umoja Community Club 

Here at Umojja, we promote the recognition and involvement of students of African/African American ancestry/ethnicity at Mission College for the intention of creating a strong voice on campus and to make an impact on the decisions regarding students. 

Advisor: Roshawn Walter




Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) is an organization under Mission College Inter Club Council with the purpose to create strong community connections on campus through Vietnamese culture. By organizing and participating in various social events, workshops, and seminars, we aim to promote the beauty of the Vietnamese heritage to fellow Mission College students.

Club Email


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