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About Us

The Mission College Umoja Community will empower and motivate African American students and other students from disproportionately impacted populations to excel in academics through community engagement, cultural empowerment, culturally responsive pedagogy, and self-love.

The statewide Umoja Community includes over 50 California community colleges, and hundreds of educators and learners that are committed to academic success, personal growth and the self-actualization of African American and other students.

All Mission College students are welcome, regardless of background. If you are interested, fill out our Student Interest Form.

Upcoming Umoja Events: 


1.)Virtual Umoja Conference: Thu, November 4 - Sat, November 6. 8:00am-5:00pm each day (you can attend a portion) 

Event Description: Umoja goes way beyond Mission College. Umoja is a state-wide community program! The Umoja Conference is hosted once a year and is created to encourage YOU to achieve all of your educational and personal goals! Please join us if you can join on at least one of the three days.  

How to Register: Click Here and Complete this Form, we would then pay for your ticket and email you over the Zoom link for the Umoja Conference. You do not have to attend every day of the event, you can attend whichever timeslots works best for you.  


2.)HBCU College Week - Virtual Events (Zoom): Oct 24th - October 29th 

Description: The CCC Transfer Guarantee to Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) invites you to join them for a week of virtual events highlighting HBCUs!  

How to Register: Click Here 


3.) Transfer Workshop: Friday, October 29 from 3:00-4:00pm & Wednesday, November 17 from 1:00-2:00pm  

Description: Are you open to transferring to a university, but need further insight of what exactly does that process looks like? Join me on Wednesday, November 17th for a one-hour Workshop that educates you on the transfer process and what steps you can take now to make that dream come true! 

How to Register: Click Here 


4.) Umoja Porch Talk: Friday. November 19  

Description: During this community-building event, students and faculty will connect, share their college experiences, and get to know one another better. 

How to Register: Click Here 


Fall 2021 Umoja Community Classes 

Umoja Community Classes - Fall 2021

Take either class or both! All students are welcome! 

If you enroll in both courses listed above, you will be eligible to receive $100.00 book voucher from Barnes & Noble.

Students in these courses will explore the African and African-American experience in the United States through a curriculum that is responsive to the legacy of the African and African American Diasporas with an emphasis on the UMOJA Community principles.

Courses Fall 2021
Course Time/s Units Instructor
Counseling 000A, Orientation to Mission College #72015 Tuesdays, 12:40 p.m. - 1:40 p.m., Online
This course is fully online, with attendance via videoconference during the indicated days and times.
.5 (1/2) units Roshawn Walter (UMOJA Counseling Faculty)
English 001AX, English Composition with Additional Support #70470 Thursdays, 12:40 p.m. - 2:40 p.m., Online
Aug 28, 2021 - Dec 18, 2021
This course is fully online, with required attendance via videoconference during the indicated days and times.
5 units Staff (Monica Sain, UMOJA English Faculty.)
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Additional Fall 2021 English Umoja Community Courses (only one English course per semester is recommended)
Course Time/s Units Instructor
English 001A, English Composition #70466 Tuesdays, 12:40pm-2:05pm., Online 3 units Roshawn Walter (UMOJA Counseling Faculty)
English 001B, English Composition and Literature #70483 Thursdays, 12:40 p.m. - 2:40 p.m., Online
Asynchronous., Online
3 units Staff (Monica Sain, UMOJA English Faculty.)
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Benefits of Program

The Mission College Umoja Community (MCUC) empowers and motivates students of color, and other disproportionately impacted populations, to excel in academics through community engagement, cultural empowerment, and self-love. 

  • Dedicated Umoja Counselor
  • Umoja Community Courses
  • College Field Trips (CSU, UC, HBCU, etc.)
  • Book Store Vouchers 
  • Cultural Activities and Workshops
  • Umoja Student Club and Organization
  • Umoja Merchandise

Umoja Community - About Us

Past Speakers and Events

See more visitors of our past speaker series.

woman dancing


Every December, we celebrate Kwanzaa on campus.

Angela Davis at a podium as she delivers a speech for students.

Dr. Angela Davis

Dr. Angela Davis, political activist, philosopher, academic, and author.

View Gallery
Dr. Cornel West poses with three students after delivering talk.

Dr. Cornel West

Dr. Cornel West visited campus to give speech and meet our students.

View Gallery
A young male student in a leather jackt and glasses holds a microphone as he asks a question at a literary event on Mission College campus.

Writer Donnelle McGee

Instructor Donnelle McGee speaks.

View Gallery
American writer, feminist, and activist Rebecca Walker visits Mission.


New York Times best selling author Rebecca Walker speaks.

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Group of Black students post together on an HBCU tour.


Students take tours of historically black colleges and universities.

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