Office of Marketing and Public Relations

Mission College sign at sunset.

The Marketing and Public Relations Department communicates and oversees the Mission College brand through print materials and digital content.

We aim to partner with the entire campus community to develop strategies that achieve marketing objectives and serve Mission's institutional goals. 


Short-Term Projects


Type of Project Timelines  
Web Updates
  • Creation of Event or Program Website with Multiple Pages

    • If you're planning a website with multiple pages for an event or program, allow a lead time of two months for development.
  • Extension of Existing One-Page Website
    • If you're looking to add a new page to an existing program or department website, expect this extension to take some time. Allow a lead time of three weeks.
  • Web Page Text and Photo Edits
    • Quick updates involving text or photo changes on web pages typically take around one week. 
Graphic Design Projects
  • Large-Scale Events Promotion (Flyers, HD Screens, Sandwich Boards)
    • All event information must be submitted no later than six weeks prior to the event date.
  • Department Promotional Material (FAQ Sheets, Bookmarks, New Program Promotion, etc.):

    • Submit all promotional material requests at least three weeks prior to date it is needed.
  • Flyers, Sandwich Boards, and TV Monitor Screens:

    • Ensure submission of content and design details five weeks before the event.
  • Postcard Mailers

    • For effective delivery, provide postcard mailer content five weeks ahead of the event.
  • Booklets (More than Four Pages)

    • Booklets of more than four pages require content submission a minimum of six weeks in advance.
  • Promotional Banners

    • Submit promotional banner requests at least one month before your event.
  • T-shirts

    • To allow for proper production time, place your T-shirt order six weeks prior to the event.

Thank you for adhering to these timelines to ensure the successful promotion of your event and materials.

All requests need to be submitted via our Publicity Request Form


Communication Channels
  • E-blasts 
    • The college sends out an employee newsletter as well as student newsletter every Monday morning at 7 a.m.  To accommodate this schedule, provide the required content by the preceding Wednesday.
  • Go Mission! App Information Pushes 
    • Information pushes on our Go Mission! app are available. Provide at least one week's notice.
  • Social Media Posts

    • For optimal handling of social media posts, kindly ensure you share the content at least one week in advance.

All requests need to be submitted via our Publicity Request Form

Promotional Materials

The Marketing and Public Relations office collaborates with various vendors to fulfill a wide range of tasks. Share your specific requirements with our team, and we will assist you in both the design process and obtaining price quotes.

All orders for promotional merchandise (swag) must be submitted at least six weeks in advance of the required date.


Key Focus Areas

  1. Enrollment Growth and Retention
    • Our main priority is to enhance and sustain student enrollment.
  2. Promotion of Student and Community Events
    • We are dedicated to showcasing events that benefit both students and the Mission College community.
  3. Highlighting College and Program Excellence
    • We emphasize the promotion of the college, its programs, and any grant-funded initiatives.
  4. Support for WVM Board and Chancellor as well as  Accreditation Requests
    • We prioritize tasks aligned with requests from the WVM Board and those necessary for accreditation purposes.

Notice Regarding Image Use: Mission College, a non-profit California Community College, reserves the right to capture and utilize photographs, videos, and electronic images of students and attendees taken during college-related events for marketing and promotional objectives.

Feel free to connect with the Marketing Director for additional clarifications or questions.