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Yamato Goto '21

International Student Athlete

Department: International Center

I graduated from Mission College this past May and am transferring to California State University, Long Beach this Fall.

I thought I wasn't going to make it. I thought I had to quit and go back home. I experienced a steep learning curve, not only in learning the English language, but also adjusting to the academic culture that is completely different from back home.

It has been an added challenge to be a student athlete and play baseball for the Mission Saints - to balance sports and academics.

I soon realized that I really needed to work on critical thinking skills and to learn to ask for help. I am now a straight A student and was accepted to six California State Universities! My secret was utilizing the Net Tutor program and office hours with professors. When I reached out to my professors and shared that I was an international student and needed help, I always got help.

I will be studying Business Administration at California State University and hope to continue to play baseball. I want to get an MBA after my bachelor’s degree.