Yamato Goto headshot

Yamato Goto '21

International Business Student
International Center

Country of Origin: Japan

I graduated from Mission College this past May and am transferring to California State University, Long Beach this Fall.

I thought I wasn't going to make it. I thought I had to quit and go back home. I experienced a steep learning curve, not only in learning the English language, but also adjusting to the academic culture that is completely different from back home.

I soon realized that I really needed to work on critical thinking skills and to learn to ask for help. I am now a straight A student and was accepted to six California State Universities! My secret was utilizing the Net Tutor program and office hours with professors. When I reached out to my professors and shared that I was an international student and needed help, I always got help.

I will be studying Business Administration at California State University and hope to continue to play baseball. I want to get an MB.A. after my bachelor’s degree.