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Links of Interest - Math

The internet contains many helpful websites for mathematics students. While the number of these sites and youtube videos increase daily, below you will find places to look for assistance for various topics and problems in your math courses. 

Wise students will explore some of these resources to expand and deepen their understanding of the mathematics they are currently studying or for reviewing prerequisite material.

 General Math WebsitesAlgebraCalculus

General Math Websites

  • Wolframalpha: This site will perform almost any mathematical operation such as graphing, differentiating, integrating, solving equations, arithmetic and more. Math students should familiarize themselves with this website. Check it out!
  • Just Math Tutorials: Videos on all topics in arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, discrete math, probability and statistics.
  • Math Is Power: Videos on topics in arithmetic, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations and linear algebra.
  • Khan Academy: This site contains many videos on virtually all mathematics topics. There are also interactive quizzes.
  • Mathway: This site will perform many computations, algebraic processes, calculus, graphing, matrices,etc.
  • Symbolab: Performs operations, solves equations, computes derivatives and integrals and more. Come with symbolic interface.
  • Numberempire: This site will solve equations, compute derivatives and integrals, matrix arithmetic, statistics, and more.
  • Mathportal: This site contains lessons, calculators, solvers, forumlas and exercises on a wide variety of math topics.
  • Contains links to a variety of math topics for arithmetic, algebra, calculus.
  • Has videos on various math topics. You need to register, but it is free.
  • Contains links to a variety of math topics for arithmetic, algebra, calculus.
  • Contains links to a variety of math topics for algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus.
  • Contains explanations on almost all topics in mathematics from arithmetic to calculus. If you need review, more practice or deeper understanding of specific topics, this is the place to look. There are many useful tools such as calculators, study tips, etc. There are even GAMES that require some logical thinking....Check it out!
  • Math reference formulas: Basic properties, formulas and laws from algebra to calculus.
  • OnlineMSchool: formula summaries, calculators, practice exercises.
  • Dictionary of Math Terms: Here is a dictionary that gives you clear definitions of words used in the world of mathematics. Interesting facts and properties of specific integers are included.
  • Graphing and Calculating Utilities
    • Desmos: The best free online grapher and scientific calculator. Beautiful graphs. Sophisticated, yet easy to use.
    • Graphing Calculator: This is a great graphing utility thant can be purchased for your own computer. It graphs in 2 and 3 dimensions; graphs relations and piecewise functions; calculates; does derivatives; solves equations; does algebraic simplification....Check out the demo on the website. Can only be purchased online. Both Mac and Windows versions available.
    • OnCalc: Online scientific calculator and many other types of calculators and converters as well. Try it!
    • GraphCalc: This is an excellent FREE downloadable grapher and calculator for Windows only. It does unit conversion and has numerous constants stored.
    • GCalc: Another free downloadable calculator for windows. Try it!
  • History of Mathematics

Algebra (Math 903 & Math C)

  • General Algebra Sites
    • Many useful calculators and explanations; online worksheets.
    • Many interactive exercises.
    • Mathexpression: Algebra explanations, videos, tips and practice.
    • PurpleMath: Many useful explanations and links to specific topics in algebra, MANY links to other algebra sites, strategies for being successful in your math course.
    • Math Archives: A megasite with many links to other algebra sites which may or may not be useful to you. Explore!
    • Algebra Complete: Some cool videos on a variety of topics in algebra! Check them out!
    • One Mathematical Cat, Please!: Some prealgebra review, algebra topics: tutorials and practice exercises.
  • IXL Algebra 1: Here you can practice a wide variety of elementary algebra problems online. A great way to review course topicsd and test your knowledge.
  • IXL Algebra 2: Here you can practice a wide variety of intermediate algebra problems online. A great way to review course topicsd and test your knowledge.
  • Elementary Algebra: Virtual Math Lab: Tutorial on all topics in Elementary Algebra from West Texas A & M University
  • Intermediate Algebra: Virtual Math Lab: Tutorial on all topics in Intermediate Algebra from West Texas A & M University
  • Matrix Calculator (Reshish): Will do matrix Will do matrix arithmetic, inverses, row reduction, eigenvalues, Gauss-Jordan, Cramer's Rule.
  • Matrix Calculator (Bluebit): Will do matrix arithmetic, inverses, row reduction, eigenvalues.
  • Prime numbers: The Prime Pages contain EVERYTHING you will want to know about prime numbers. A fun site to explore.
  • (Pi)
    • The Joy of Pi: Another great site with much information and entertainment surrounding the number pi. Many links to other pi websites.
  • Solve equations

Calculus (Math 3A & Math 3B)

  • General Calculus Sites
    • Many links to a variety of calculus-related websites. Explore!
    • Visual Calculus: A great site with explanations, animations and interactive exercises and explorations. Some applications need specialized software, but you can run most of the exercises without them. Includes topics in pre-calculus.
    • Calculus tutorials and exercises with audio-visual presentations.
    • Calculus Resources Online: Here is a megasite with links to a wide variety of calculus and other math resources. If you're in the mood to explore, this is a good place to begin.
    • Famous Curves Index: A comprehensive list of famous curves in Cartesian, polar and parametric form.
  • College Algebra: Virtual Math Lab: Tutorial on all topics in College Algebra from West Texas A & M University....just in case you need to review some topics.
  • Derivative
  • Integration
    • The Integrator: Integrates most functions. Excellent way to practice!