What is an Ed Plan?

An Ed Plan shows you exactly what you need to take and which semester to take it in order to graduate as soon as you can. It is a combination of orientation, assessment, and educational planning with a counselor.

An Educational Plan is a custom road map created by a counselor that lists the courses you need to meet your goals.

Why do You Need One?

1. Stay on track.

An Educational Plan is custom to you and includes prior coursework, credits you might have earned at another college, and helps you make sure you’re in the right program of study or major to meet your goals.

2. Earn Priority Registration.

By completing the placement, orientation, and an Educational Plan, you’ll earn Priority Registration at Mission College. 

3. Save time and money.

An Educational Plan saves you time and money by focusing on the courses that you need.

4. Transfer to a university.

An Educational Plan will account for any admission and university requirements to transfer.

How do I Get an Ed Plan?

A counselor can create and update an Educational Plan. Schedule an appointment and bring unofficial transcripts from other colleges.

Types of Ed Plans

1. Abbreviated Ed Plan

This is a one to two semester plan, perfect for brand new students to make sure you register for the right courses. This can take about 30 minutes.

2. Comprehensive Ed Plan

This is a full Educational Plan from start to finish to meet your program of study or major, your certificate, the degree you want to earn, or your plans to transfer to a four-year school. This can take about 45-60 minutes.

Are You Ready?

Go to Counseling.MissionCollege.edu to schedule an appointment or drop in our live chat. You may also visit us in person in the Student Engagement Center (Room 139.)

Remember to check out our “Who’s My Counselor“ page and find a counselor that meets your native language, major, or other individual needs.