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Communication Certificate

Mission College offers a Communication Studies Certificate of Proficiency to students who successfully complete 9 or more units of Communication Studies courses with a B or better. Earning this award will help you emphasize your specialized training in communication theory and skills to prospective employers, college admissions offices, graduate schools, and professional institutions. The importance of interpersonal and intercultural communication, small group and team skills, and public speaking training are fundamental skills for successful professional and personal activities. In addition to being a resume enhancer, you will receive a copy of the award, which is well worth framing and hanging on the wall!
The importance of interpersonal communication, group communication, and public speaking training cannot be emphasized enough in providing the fundamental skills for a successful and fulfilling life in a student's personal and professional activities. The nine unit Communication Certificate will not only enhance the student's chances of being selected for that special job or position, it may also open doors both professionally and personally that might not ever been considered.

If you would like to major in Communication and/or transfer to San Jose State University, check their site.

Certificate Requirements Units

Core Curriculum: Choose one course from the following:

Comm 001* Public Speaking 3
Comm 020* Argumentation and Debate 3

Plus six units from the following:

Comm 001 Public Speaking 3
Comm 004 Small Group Communication 3
Comm 008 Interpersonal Communication 3
Comm 012 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 3
Comm 020 Argumentation and Debate 3
Comm 025 Mass Media Studies 3

9 total


*If both Comm 001 and Comm 020 are taken, one may be counted for the Core course and one for the additional units.

Only courses completed with a grade of "B" or better may be used to satisfy requirements for a certificate.