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Mission College's Reading courses are designed to meet students where they are at and help them to advance in their reading comprehension, reading fluency and critical thinking skills.  

As the ability to read, think critically about and apply knowledge learned from complex texts is so important to students’ success, we recommend taking Reading coursework early in your college career.

A reading placement test is given as part of the academic skills assessment. This test will indicate to students whether course work in reading is recommended. Students who do not meet reading proficiency are encouraged to take reading classes early in their time at Mission so that skills they learn can help with reading, writing, learning and critical thinking in other courses.

Reading Class Placement/Assessment

 If you score from 6 to 19 out of 35 on the reading placement test, or you've completed ESL 970 RW, you will start with RDG 961 - Building College Reading Strategies.

If you score from 20 to 33 out of 35 on the reading placement test, you will start with RDG 054 – Critical College Reading and Thinking.

Placement tests are offered in the Assessment Center.

Reading Department Required Courses

RDG 961 - Building College Reading Strategies: This 3 unit course is designed to help you improve your vocabulary skills as well as your ability to apply active reading skills to better comprehend college texts.

RDG 054 – Critical College Reading and Thinking: This 3 unit, transfer level course is designed to help you apply the concepts of critical reading, critical thinking, analysis, and logical reasoning in multidisciplinary and multicultural academic texts.  Through RDG 054 you will develop skills to improve your reading fluency, comprehension and critical thinking skills. RDG 054 meets the CSU requirement for reading and critical thinking. 

Reading Department Elective Course

RDG 983 - Reading College Texts. This 1 unit course will help you improve your comprehension of college text books from several subject areas.  RDG 983 is offered as part of the Summer Bridge Program.  

front of the libraryQuotation mark. "I wish someone had told me to take RDG 054 earlier at Mission.  No matter what your major or career goals, this class will help you get there!" - Reading 054 Student -Mission College


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