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Math Changes

Changes to Math Classes – Spring 2019

Starting Spring 2019, we are opening Math 10 (Elementary Statistics) and Math G (Math for Liberal Arts) to all students.

All Students Can Take:
  • Math 902 – Pre-Algebra
  • Math 903/903M/903MX – Beginning Algebra
  • Math C/CM/CMX – Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 10 – Elementary Statistics
  • Math G – Math for Liberal Arts
  • Math 909 – Integrated Statistics I (STATWAY)
  • Math 910X – Math Skills for Success in Statistics

We encourage students to see a counselor and schedule an appointment.

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Note:  Course selection is dependent on the student’s major and transfer institution requirement. 

What does the "X" Mean?

Xtra support.

There are two types of statistics courses

  • regular
  • corequisite.

Corequiste courses are for students who need additional support in math.

For example, Regular Math 10 (MAT 010) is the traditional course.

Corequisite MAT 10 + MAT 910X style requires concurrent enrollment in both Math 10 + Math 910X (Math Skills for Success in Statistics) linked together by cohort.  The same instructor will be teaching both classes.

Ex:   Math 10  MW  10:25 am – 12:30 pm  Zoya Kravets  (34709) is linked to
Math 910X MW 12:40 pm – 1:40 pm Zoya Kravets  (34710)

There are two types of corequisite course for statistics: twice a week and three times a week.