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Business Information Professional

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Business Information Professional Pathway and Certificate

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A Career Pathway Built For You

The Business Information Professional Pathway and Certificate equips you with the technical, communication and management skills in just three semesters so that you can start working or advance in your career quickly. It is designed to prepare students for  entry level office and administrative  support positions (such as office administrative specialists, customer service reps, information  clerks, and  office managers) in a variety of business workplace environments.

Our Students Learn Together

Join a cohort of students who have the same career goals, take the same classes and support one another through the program. Working together with a common goal helps students excel in their classes, and friendships often develop among the class members!

Class Offerings

Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Summer 2021
MS Excel
CAP 070
MS Windows
BUS 021
Business Computing
Learning the Keyboard
CAP 071E
MS Outlook
CAP 033A
Word Processing
BUS 078B
Business Communication
CAP 046D
Intro to MS PowerPoint
BUS 107
Soft skills for project managers
  BUS 118
HR Management
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What's In It For Me?
What’s In It for Me?
  • Acquiring the 21st Century workplace skills & traits small businesses look for when hiring.
  • Building connections with industry partners and discovering what job and/or internship opportunities they have.
  • Online, hybrid, evening and short-term classes  to help you quickly get the training to  prepare you for office and  administrative support positions. (See list of courses for the Program below)
  • Academic and career support
  • Counselor support for your academic and career pathway planning
  • Resume writing assistance 
  • Interviewing techniques 
  • Access to tutoring/tutorial services
  • Achieve badges through Badgr
  • Certificate of Achievment
Certificate of Achievement

Below is what is needed to achieve a Business Information Professional I Certificate of Achievement.

Business Information Professional I

Course Name Units Skills Emphasized
CAP 010A Learning the Keyboard* 1.0 improving keyboarding proficiency
CAP 070 Using MS Windows* 1.0 Microsoft Windows technical proficiency
CAP 071E Microsoft Outlook* 1.0 email, communication, calendar, MS office proficiency
CAP 033A Word Processing Course 1* 3.0 Presentation, business documents, MS Office proficiency
CAP 062B Introduction to MS Excel* 1.0 Technical proficiency in Basic Excel
CAP 046D Introduction to MS Power Point 1.0 presentation, Microsoft Office technical proficiency
BUS 078B Business Communication* 3.0 business writing and communication
BUS 118 Human Resource Management* 3.0 human resources and human relations; business processess
BUS 021 Introduction to Business Computing* 3.0 business computing, business process
BUS 107 Soft skills for Project Managers 2.0 business processes, management, communication, leadership
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Fall 2020 Courses
Fall 2020 Business Information Professional Courses

Classes Begin August 31
Classes run full lenght of semester unless noted

CAP 010A Learning the Keyboarding ( 1.0 unit) 
Online, CRN 74724

CAP 33A: Word Processing Course 1 (3.0 units) 
Online, CRN 76649

CAP 62B: Introduction to MS Excel (1.0 unit)
Short Term: 9/9 to 10/18
Online; CRN: 76652 or 76657

students in a circleQuotation mark. “Learning the skills from the BIW Program has given me  confidence at work.” - Ya Qui -Business Information Worker Graduate
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